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Atlanta Grotnes: A Deep Family TraditionThe Grotnes family tradition started in the late 1800s when Charles G. Grotnes came to the U.S. from Norway and established a company in Chicago, Illinois. Carl C. Grotnes followed his father, and together they developed machines for the cooperage and automotive wheel-rim industry. The original Grotnes Machine Company quickly became pioneers in forming metal parts by rolling, expanding and shrinking.

The original company was sold in 1947, but the Grotnes tradition continued when Carl’s sons, Eugene and Charles, moved to Georgia and founded Atlanta Grotnes Machine Company in 1956. In 1975, Eugene’s son, Carl Grotnes II, joined the company. Carl Grotnes II contributed to the growth of the company by designing and adding patents of his own. Carl went on to succeed his father as CEO & President in 2002.

In 2006, Carl’s eldest son, Alan Grotnes, joined the company. Carl Grotnes III joined the company shortly after, in 2009. With Alan and Carl joining the company, they become the fifth generation to design and build custom machinery for the world’s top businesses.

Today the company is owned and run by Carl Grotnes III, Alan Grotnes, and Scott Wasilewski. Following the strong tradition set by early family members, Atlanta Grotnes continues to pioneer worldwide excellence in custom machine manufacturing.

Atlanta Grotnes

Specializes in developing and building metal forming equipment that is adaptable to a wide range of industries.

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